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Brushfire is New Jersey’s leading media-focused full-service marketing agency. Understanding consumer motivation is at our core. Our unique ability to access and interpret data informs our award-winning creative, and guides our media planning across all touch points: digital, mobile, content, and experiential. Our passionate commitment to constant improvement in our own work translates to constantly improving responses to our clients’ brands, and to continued growth for their businesses.

Media Focused

Media is the lifeblood of every marketer. It should be planned on the ultimate value each and every placement brings to the brand. The media planners at Brushfire have access to proprietary data and analytical tools that reveal the optimum time and place to reach consumers when they are most receptive to a brand’s message. And our deep relationships with media providers across all channels assure clients of added value that price alone cannot match. Optimal value for optimized response. That is the mantra of Brushfire media.

Creative Driven

At Brushfire we never deliver creative for creativity’s own sake. We believe that every word we write, every image we create, must have a purpose. That is why our creative teams and strategists don’t work in silos, but sit side-by-side in making sure that every single piece of brand communication achieves its specific objective within the larger campaign mix, whether it is building awareness, providing information, creating engagement, and, above all else, driving consumers another step closer to the point of decision.

Powered By Heart

We believe that great marketing comes from the heart. It’s about keeping a fire in our belly for nurturing great ideas that generate a response from consumers. It means creating a genuine bond with our clients and a level of mutual respect that others can’t comprehend. It’s about no BS. It’s about fighting for our clients day in and day out while always upholding our sense of humanity. It’s never just about the work. It’s about works of heart.