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Hiring a new agency comes down to three critical questions: do they have the capabilities you need, do they produce work you admire, and do they have people you will enjoy sitting with through presentations, briefing sessions, brainstorms, focus groups, photo shoots, store checks, and the occasional awards show cocktail hour? This site is meant to give you a hint of who we are, what we do, and how we are different. We welcome the chance to take the conversation further.

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Of course you do. We are always looking for talented and passionate new colleagues. If you love the world of ideas, enjoy collaboration, and are passionate about pushing yourself and others to the best work possible, you’ll fit right in.


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Learn something new everyday

At Brushfire, acquiring new knowledge is a daily preoccupation. We learn from each other, from our clients, and from the world around us. We have formal training programs and informal seminars. We are convinced that learning makes us better, makes our company better and, at least as important, keeps our clients better informed and their brands one step ahead of the competition. As the Tin Woodsman said to Dorothy, “What have you learned?” is a daily question around our halls.