Launching Ninja into
a New and Crowded Category

For most Americans, coffee isn’t so much a beverage as a passion—we drink it in multiple ways throughout the day. So we recruited the world’s most passionate coffee drinker, Sofia Vergara, to help tell the brand’s story. Then we brewed up a mix of media to reach consumers when their passion for coffee was most top-of-mind, from added value media on morning shows to geo-targeted mobile ads when consumers were walking into Starbucks. The brand quickly became the number one coffeemaker SKU at key retailers.

Ninja Coffee Bar™

promotional & introductory email

Ninja already had a loyal brand following, so they were a natural target to offer a sneak peak at the new product and campaign. Heck, who isn’t going to open an email from Sofia?

Ninja Coffee Bar™

Rich Media ad

Bringing the brand experience to online ads isn’t easy, but we found a way with this highly interactive ad that let users explore the enticing menu of drinks made Ninja makes possible.

Ninja Coffee Bar™

static banner ads

Precision targeting is the key to a big response. We developed a range of ads that could hit just the right person at the exactly right time, even including during runs of Modern Family.

Ninja Coffee Bar™

Animated banner ads

Motion makes a difference. We used animation to great effect in order to show the wide range of drinks you could now make right on your countertop with the Ninja Coffee Bar.

Ninja Coffee Bar™

Mobile carousel ad

When is coffee shop coffee most top of mind? When you’re in the coffee shop. These ads geo-targeted consumers just as they were coming to their local Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts.