Launch a new product into a crowded category

Ninja Coffee Bar Case Study

The Situation

Ninja was looking to leverage the enormous success of its blenders by extending its share of the kitchen countertop with the Ninja Coffee Bar. While the Ninja Coffee Bar offered superb quality and unique features, the coffee maker category was already crowded with well-established brands that also offered innovation to the consumer. Ninja had to find a way to establish a big presence in a hurry.

What We Did

Beginning with in-depth research, we understood that coffee was not merely a beverage—it is a passion. With that idea of “coffee passion” as our platform, the brand identified the perfectly passionate spokesperson—Sophia Vergara. We then built a plan and creative campaign that specifically reached people when their passion for quality coffeehouse drinks was most top-of-mind, including geo-targeted mobile advertising they received as they walked into a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, online ads served up during “Modern Family” airings, among other tactics.

The Results

It seemed like our digital engagements woke people up to the new coffee maker in town—within months of the launch the Ninja Coffee Bar became the number one coffee maker SKU at key retailers and quickly gave Ninja that critical new “territory” on American kitchen countertops.