It took more than luck to increase sales 133%

New Jersey Lottery Case Study

The Situation

The New Jersey Lottery had a need to attract new and younger players for the future of the brand. Plus, getting the occasional player to play more often has always been a challenge. Brushfire had to find new ways to get to these targets, and do so in a state sandwiched between two competitive and louder lottery markets, New York and Pennsylvania.

What We Did

While our creative approach was important, we also knew that reaching younger and less frequent players required a much more innovative way toward media. We were first to bring the franchise into the digital age with a robust presence on social media, geo-targeted mobile ads as people approached a Lottery agent, and a smartphone app that kept players constantly engaged, not to mention a full slate of added value media from local stations.

The Results

We hit the jackpot. Our creative approach to media not only reached and activated a whole new generation of players—it resulted in sales of 2.8 billion dollars, a 133% increase. And still growing. Now that’s what we call a winning ticket!