The Challenge: Giving an iconic brand a modern makeover through research and segmentation.

Remington Men’s Grooming Case Study

The Situation

Having been dormant from a marketing perspective for several years, Remington Men’s Shaving re-entered the market with a revamped product line as a challenger brand competing with established brands such as Philips Norelco, Braun, Wahl and Panasonic, all of whom had deeper pockets and had been supporting their brands consistently. With a limited budget, it was imperative for Remington to develop breakthrough creative but also to deliver it in such a way as to maximize its impact and attract major retailers to put the brand on shelf.

What We Did

We utilized our data and analytical skill to pinpoint a large target segment that was being underserved, those we identified as the “New American Gentleman”. These men looked at life through a lens that was shaped by what was truly important in life—family, friends, personal responsibility and living life to its fullest, encapsulated in the line, “Serious Face Time”. We developed creative that was authentic to the brand and differentiating from its completion. We then created a special Web Hub where we curated all of the work, information on the new products, and new news so we could guide consumers there with precision and efficiency to get the entire brand message.

The Results

Our segmentation and the creative message crafted around it was a major tool to sell the brand into key retailers such as Kohl’s, Target and Wal Mart. The Remington “Serious Face Time” Web Hub received millions of visits, with over 55,000 watching a 3-minute video and entering the “Good Man” contest. This effort helped contribute to an overall 7.9% increase in Remington’s shaving.